Precise control of your refrigeration system with high-quality sensor technology

HB Products has designed and developed innovative sensor technology for more than 25 years. The sensors provide you with precise and reliable control of your refrigeration systems which allows you to increase safety and energy-efficiency.

Improve the refrigeration system with innovative design, easy installation, and minimal maintenance

Craftsmanship is at the core of our business, and we continuously develop and design new products for a better tomorrow. 

To achieve this goal, we utilize the feedback from our customers to develop solutions to solve current challenges within the industry.

We use cutting-edge technology and robust materials to ensure longevity even under extreme temperatures and pressure. To further improve the durability, HB Products sensors are embedded to protect the software.

We calibrate all sensors to ensure a quick and easy plug-and-play solution while our split design significantly simplifies maintenance.

We have a productive collaboration with HB and receive good service when needed. The separation between the mechanical and electrical parts makes servicing easier: No need to drain the refrigerant charge to change a defective electronics component

Optimize the defrosting of your evaporators and save energy

Buildup on evaporators reduces performance and results in less cooling capacity. 

To combat this, most people use a fixed time schedule to initiate evaporator defrosts. However, this often results in too many defrost cycles – wasting both energy, time, and money. 

HB Products’ Defrost Sensor eliminates this challenge, as the sensor measures the ice accumulation on the surface of the evaporator only initiating defrost when needed. 

This can reduce the number of defrost cycles by 50-70% yearly, which typically accumulates to a minimum of 20-40% savings in energy costs. 


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“We have reduced defrost cycles from 7 times per day to just 1, so this has definitely had a positive impact on electricity consumption.”
Morten Asferg, Chief Engineer Global Facility, Arla Foods

Full control over production and warehouse stock

As a privately owned company, we maintain full autonomy to manage every aspect of the company – from design and development to production and inventory. We source most of our components locally. 

Therefore, we can assure our customers that we always have products in stock to ensure a fast and reliable delivery at all times.

Flexibility is an integral part of our approach, and our goal is to provide the optimal solution as quickly as possible regardless of order size.

How much could you reduce your defrosting expenses?

Reduce energy consumption with Vapor Quality Sensors

HB Products has developed the only sensor able to directly measure the liquid content in the output of the evaporator. 

Our Vapor Quality Sensor works both in pump circulated and DX systems and can take their efficiency and capacity to a whole new level.

We have seen documented savings of up to 20% during full load and 50% during part load for a DX ammonia system.


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Discover how to utilize our Vapor Quality Sensor to enable low charge systems and improve energy savings.



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Close partnership and fast response time

Our speciality is refrigeration, and we are dedicated to ensure the most efficient solution to our customers – and that entails offering excellent support and technical expertise.

Therefore, the support team is an important part of our company. 

They come with product experience, guaranteeing a qualified response within 48 hours. 

Moreover, we have a strong and carefully selected network of local distributors. They have been chosen for their understanding of our products and help ensure personalized support in your native tongue no matter where you are.

About HB Products

With over 25 years of experience, HB Products is at the forefront of developing and producing sensors for industrial and commercial refrigeration and heat-pump systems.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, we continuously push the technology to ensure better, more efficient, and durable products for the future. 

With distributors in more than 60 countries, we can ensure technical expertise and optimal solutions worldwide for energy-efficient evaporator control, level control, and oil management.

However, our strong global presence never compromises the close collaboration we are dedicated to maintain with our customers.

Let us increase your uptime, safety, and efficiency

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