Are You Wasting Energy and Money on Unnecessary Defrosting?

It is common practice to set the defrost frequency to the worst-case scenario in order to avoid performance loss in the evaporator. However, this number is often set too high. This leaves an untapped saving potential in many refrigeration systems that can be eliminated with the automatic defrosting of evaporators.

Utilizing defrost on demand can significantly reduce the amount of energy you spend on defrosting evaporators.

By measuring the ice accumulation, HB Products’ defrost sensor initiates defrost cycles only when necessary.

The defrost sensor can be installed on both new and existing systems – and is already working on evaporators in refrigeration systems across the world, which have proved to reduce the number of defrost cycles by 50-70% on a yearly basis.

The calculator is based on the conservative estimation of a 50% reduction, while the heat calculation is based on the Danfoss Liquid Drain method.

Systems using hot gas with pressure control and systems using electrical heating or hot water will consume more energy.

Try the calculator to discover your potential savings.


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Optimal Defrosting
Can Save up to
40% of Energy

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