Control and detect liquid levels with our wide variety of innovative switches

The wide range of Liquid Level Switches from HB Products ensures a solution for every application and environment. By utilizing a capacitive Level Switch, you avoid the moving elements of a mechanical switch, which will get worn down and ultimately fail. All switches are designed to withstand challenging conditions like low and high temperatures, high pressures, and aggressive fluids.

Learn more in the videos below.

Video 1

Introducing our Liquid Level Switches

Our capacitive sensors allow you to detect liquids without any moving parts, while the innovative split design ensures easy maintenance.

Get a quick overview of all of our different switches in the video here.

Video 2

How do our switches work?

Uncover how our Oil Level Switches and Refrigerant Switches work in this physical demonstration.

Watch the video to learn more about how to connect a level switch and how they detect the liquid levels.

Video 3

The different Liquid Level Switches

Are you interested in diving deeper into the mechanical part of our switches?

In this video, we will take you through the differences between our three types of switches, giving you an easy overview of our:

  • Oil Level Switches
  • CO2 and hydrocarbon Switches
  • HFC, HFO, CFC and Ammonia Switches

Video 4

Switches for different types of applications

The environment is a deciding factor in choosing the right product.

In this video, you get an introduction to our switches for different temperatures as well as wet and dry conditions.

Video 5

Supply and output in standard switches

The right electronic unit is vital to ensure the performance of a Liquid Level Switch.

In this video, we detail the 3 different electronic units used across our standard small, medium, and large-sized switches.

Video 6

Available thread types and sizes

For our mechanical part, we offer different thread types and sizes. 

This video provides an overview of our straight and tapered threads, standard sizes, numbering system, and adapters.

Would you like to take an even closer look
at our Liquid Level Switches?

You can see our entire range of switches for refrigeration and industrial use on our product page. Here, you can read more about the usage of the different switches and try out our interactive guide to navigate through the different variants.

About HB Products

With more than 25 years of experience, HB Products is at the forefront of developing and producing sensors for industrial and commercial refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, we continuously push the technology to ensure better, more efficient, and durable products for the future.

With distributors in more than 60 countries, we can ensure technical expertise and optimal solutions worldwide for energy-efficient evaporator control, level control, and oil management.

However, our strong global presence never compromises with the close collaboration that we are dedicated to maintain with our customers. 

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