Precise Liquid Level Sensors Based on Decades of Experience

Accurate and reliable sensors are a must in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. At HB Products, we offer a wide selection of high-quality Liquid Level Sensors suitable for both synthetic and natural refrigerants, thereby ensuring an optimal solution for every type of environment. Our sensors, with their smart split design, are not only durable and easy to maintain but also provide cost-effective and precise monitoring.

Discover more about our Liquid Level Sensors in the videos below. Here, Henrik Kudsk, Product Manager at HB Products, showcases our range of sensors, demonstrates their functionality, and much more.

Video 1

Introducing Our Liquid Level Sensors

Our Liquid Level Sensors are specifically designed to ensure optimal performance under challenging conditions.

This video showcases four types of our Liquid Level Sensors, each tailored to meet specific requirements, including use in hazardous environments.

Video 2

How Do Our Sensors Detect Liquid Levels?

In this video, we show a scenario with a Liquid Level Sensor calibrated for water.

The demonstration showcases the sensor’s ability to detect liquid levels and offers a sneak peek at its accuracy and responsiveness.

Video 3

Wire Sensor Setup

Wire sensors are a highly flexible solution. To use one, you simply need to measure the required length and cut it with a wire cutter.

In this video, you can see how to adjust, shorten, and install your wire sensor.

Sensors for Natural and Synthetic Refrigerants

At HB Products, we offer sensors that are designed to withstand use under a variety of challenging environments.

To ensure quality options for every application, we have designed sensors for both natural and synthetic refrigerants. 

Our sensors for natural refrigerants like ammonia, propane, or CO2 have become increasingly important as F-gas regulations have been implemented, and we work to reduce harmful industrial emissions.

You can see our wide selection and find the optimal solution for your requirements on our product page.

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Video 4

A Wide Selection of Precise Sensors

We offer two types of Liquid Level Sensors. 

The first is a rod consisting of an outer pipe with a pin inside. The rod comes in both standard and custom lengths depending on your needs.

The second is a wire sensor that is available from 6000 mm and can be shortened all the way to 250 mm to meet your specific requirements.

Video 5

Introducing the HB Tool Connection

The HB Tool is our free software designed to easily set up and calibrate our sensors.

Learn how you can use the HB Tool to calibrate, troubleshoot, see all relevant information, and store your data.

About HB Products

With more than 25 years of experience, HB Products is at the forefront of developing and producing sensors for industrial and commercial refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Based in Aarhus, Denmark, we continuously push the technology to ensure better, more efficient, and durable products for the future.

With distributors in more than 60 countries, we can ensure technical expertise and optimal solutions worldwide for energy-efficient evaporator control, level control, and oil management.

However, our strong global presence never compromises with the close collaboration that we are dedicated to maintain with our customers. 

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