Precise Measurements with Accurate Liquid Level Sensors

HB Products specializes in designing and developing second-to-none Liquid Level Sensors and Switches for measuring and controlling liquid levels in refrigeration and heat pump systems. All our sensors and switches are engineered to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures, ensuring accurate and continuous measurement.

How Do Our Liquid Level Switches
and Liquid Level Sensors Work?

Ensuring Longevity with
a Practical Split Design

Controlling the liquid levels in any refrigeration or heat pump system is critical, as failure can lead to significant monetary losses.

By implementing our Liquid Level Switches, Liquid Level Sensors, or a combination of both, you get essential insights into the liquid levels. This integration ensures a dependable solution for effectively monitoring and controlling these levels.

Our products have an efficient split design, making them not only user-friendly for everyday operations but also easy to maintain. This design choice significantly enhances the durability and longevity of our devices.

To ensure the optimal solution, our sensors have been designed to handle all types of liquids. 

This means whether you use natural refrigerants like ammonia, propane, or CO2, or need a sensor for synthetic refrigerants such as HFCs, CFCs, or HFOs, HB Products has a sensor designed to accommodate your requirements.


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